We invite you to Relax, Rejuvenate,and Reconnect with the loved ones in your life.


Give your family the best Summer Vacation, a vacation to Medicine Bow Lodge Dude Ranch. You can still schedule your family Renuion this summer, but we need to know when you want to come.  Call us at (800) 409-5439.



Jack is from Macon, Georgia. His southern style and hospitality are a wonderful thing to have around. He is very easy going and loves talking to and making our guests feel welcome. You can find Jack cutting the grass, using power tools or doing manual labor around the ranch most days. However, when you call, he'll answer and be happy to do so. 
Jacob was a guest last summer from Califorina. He is a hard worker and can be funny.He is great with a camera ready to take you picture and video too. 
From Hanna, Wyoming, Maggie grew up with her own ranch and horses and is a great rider and wrangler. Maggie is personable, polite, funny and always willing to lend a helping hand. Maggie is studying to be a veterinarian at the University Of Wyoming, this will be her junior year and she is making great progress. Ask her anything about the Wyoming environment and she'll tell you. 
Taylor, 15, from Jacksonville, Florida has been with us for three summers now and is a great hand to have around the ranch. Warm and welcoming as well as humorous, she is enjopyable to be  around during her days here from July to August. Taylor's grandmother lives in Saratoga and allows her to work with us during her summers here while visiting, she is nothing short of a hard worker.
Your host. the owners and managers of Medicne Bow Lodge. Debbie is the best cook in 300 miles, at leat thats what we been told. Debbie is the best ranch cook in the state.Debbie was born in OK City and went to grade school in San Anionia Texas and high school in Colorado Springs COTim was born and raised near Baton Rouge LA, dreaming all the time about moving to Wyoming.